Friday, May 25, 2012

End of Senior Year

As the end of my high school career draws to a close, I think its nice to be able to look back at the pictures I got to take for my photography class.
This is a picture of my first assignment, I like this one because I think that Willow tree status are so pretty.
This spring there were beautiful flowers all over the place, this is one that was in my front yard.

These pictures are of my younger sister, it was a beautiful spring day so we went for a bike ride and had a photo shot.
This is a picture of my puppy.
I find eye so interesting.
This last picture is one of me on my 18th birthday, in this huge yard chair that I noticed in front of a car dealership.

So for a year that started out terrible I learned to appreciate my family so much more. I just want to say thank you to my sister who was not always super happy to be my model for many of my pictures, but she did it anyways.

Now it is on to bigger and better things as high school ends.

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