Friday, March 16, 2012


So I have noticed that so many girls these days are always looking for the approval of guys. And honestly why should we care what guys think of us? Cause if a guy truly cares about you, they shouldn’t want you to change. They should want you for you.  
On myyearbook, so many girls ask guys to rate them. And so many times the rates are low and the girls are sad about it. Why be sad about a guy rating you low when you don’t even know them. Why do girls always want the guy that is going to want them to change who they are?
I personally don’t want a guy, I want a man. That will love me for me. That will make me feel beautiful even when I am wearing baggy clothes and no makeup. That will make me laugh when I am in a bad mood. That will tell how wonderful I am when I am feeling down. I don’t want a guy that will only care about hot I am instead of my personality. I want true love not lust.

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