Sunday, March 11, 2012

Stupid school

Before we moved my mom had my old school counselor call the schools in the area to find out if there was anything specific needed to do to graduate. All the schools that my counselor called said that there was no graduation project or senior project. The school that I first enrolled in didn't have a senior project, but the Cyber school counselor sent me an email and told me that I had to do a project. In the instructions for the project it said that the mid-point of the project had to be before end of first semester. But I didn’t find out about the project until about half way through the semester. So how am I supposed to turn in the mid-point paperwork for a project that I had just started? I just don’t understand. But I really hope that they will still accept my work for my project. I just want to have this project over with. It is taking forever!
So for my project I have to write a paper about what I have learned or something like that and in English I have to write a paper about a career I may like to have. Lucky for me I can use the same topic for both. The only problem is that one has to be 5 paragraphs and the other has to be 5 pages. I hope this works the way I want it to.
Speaking of classes, because states make their own curriculum I am studying the same thing in history as I did last year. So I already know most of the stuff. But this year it is going in deeper in to each topic. The sad thing is that when I go to my class on line and my teacher is talking to us I’m normally half asleep and playing a game, but I am still the only one that knows the answers to the questions. Oh and when someone else in the class says something it is usually the same kind of stupid comment you would hear in a normal class room. I was really looking forward to not having to deal with peoples stupid comments because we weren’t actually all in the same room, but no. Why don’t people think before they speak or in this case type? I am really worried about my generation. By the way things are going already I feel like it’s just going to get so much worst.   

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