Saturday, March 10, 2012

Here I am today

So I guess I’ll tell you how I got to this point in my life. It started in March of last year when my parents told me that we would be moving during the summer. I was totally pissed about it as I had a right to be. Who wouldn’t be pissed to find out that they would be moving their senior year? My point exactly! But on that day I also learned that my great grandfather had just died. Just adding to the crap that I was learning that day. L After being mad at my parents and just about anyone else that brought up the topic of me moving, I got over it and just faced the fact that it was going to happen.
So on the last day of school knowing that I would not have to deal with my stupid math teach again, (who taught me absolutely nothing  from him all year and failing all of my test all year, oh and dealing with him playing favorites) I decided to tell him off. I know for some people that may not sound like a big deal but for me it is. I could tell all most anyone off but not a teacher. Telling a teacher off is so exhilarating. (I really don’t know why I am telling you all this but whatever) 
So I lived my final summer with my friends to the fullest I could. Having to leave behind almost everyone you know, your childhood home and the place where your favorite dog is buried is still hard to think about. The move was every stressful on me, it took almost a week to get here and I had the hiccups the whole time (so painful.) but the time we got here we had a week till school started, I expected to at least have someone I went to church with here to be in my school. But no I was wrong. Starting my senior year in a school about twice the size of the one I just left and having no friends was terrible. Two weeks into school I convinced my parents to check out a Cyber school, so they did. I told the people that I talked to in my classes that I was changing schools and that I wouldn’t be back my mom didn’t make me go again. The transfer paper work took longing than we expected and my mom stopped calling the school to say why I wasn’t there. The school sent a letter to my house to say that they were dropping me from the records. The funny thing is that I told my parents that I was going to drop out of school when we got here. And I did. Ha-ha
Now I am going to Cyber School and its working pretty well for me, the only thing I don’t like is that I have no reason to go anywhere, so I spend almost every day at home. SUCKY! I often feel now that I am no longer living in the world but that the world is just simply moving around me.( Its kinds quite a depressing feeling). So here I am today in a place that I have no one to talk too and have nowhere to go.

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